Silent Comedies: The Laugh’s On Us

1. THE DOUGHBOY (1926-USA). With SNUB POLLARD. Snub Pollard, a small man with a large droopÂing mustache, is cast in this funny comedy as a moron who’s enlisted in the army lo fight in the war: a hapless soul who cannot lift a rifle or march in formation without utterly confounding his sergeant. Just wait until he’s actually in combat-and a prisoner of war-when he gets to drive the Germans nuts! Note: (his film also appears as cat. #2836.
2. HER BOYFRIEND (1924-USA). With LARRY SEMON, DOROTHY DWAN, OLIVER HARDY. Although just about forgotten today, pasty-faced Larry Semon was one of the most beloved screen comedians of the early 1920s. In his best films, his co-star was his wife, Dorothy Dwan, and his nemesis was a man who was soon to become one of the heavyweights of movie mirth: Oliver Hardy. Here, Ollie is cast in a role unlike anything he ever played opposite Stan Laurel: the Kilter Kid, an ornery, stubble-faced rumÂrunner. Semon appears as the police chiefÕs son, who’s hot on the Kid’s trail-and who, along the way, gets to rescue a cute damsel in distress.
3. HOP ALONG (1927-USA). With ARTHUR LAKE. Directed by CEORGE “SLIM” SUMMERVILLE. It’s the night of the “Gotta Petta Dame” fraternity hop. Arthur Lake, then establishing himself as a juvenile comedy star, is perfectly cast as the Chief Petta Officer, who’s been confined to quarters by his professor so that he may catch up on his studies. Will he study or dance? You guess! You’ll recognize Lake as “Dagwood” in the “Blondie” series made between 1938 and 1950. The director is more widely known by his knickname “Slim,” He’s a former Keystone Kop who began directing shorts in 1918, and his well-earned expertise in physical comedy is put to excellent use here. “Silent films” with the original organ score, correct projection speed. 60 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedies