Silent Enemy, The

458. THE SILENT ENEMY (1930-USA). With CHIEF YELLOW ROBE and his tribe Of Ojibway Indians. Shot as a silent film with a sound prologue by Chief Yellow Robe. This is one of the most hauntingly beautiful films in our collection. The Chief calmly states that our civilization is ending his people’s way of life, and that “soon we will be no more”. Stunningly photographed. The film portrays the noble savage in all his glory, going about his everyday life in the never ending battle wilh the Silent Enemy (Hunger). A last chance glimpse into our past, as many of the people in the film (all Indians, no actors) were actually living in the forest asdid their fathers. Like a voice from the Buffalo nickel the film points no fingers and makes no accusations, but after seeing the story, you can imagine a tear running down the cheek of an American eagle for a way of life gone forever, The smile on the little boy’s face after spearing a fish from his canoe will stay with you a long time. Highly recommended. Sound and silent, silent footage with music score at the correct projection speed. 120 minutes. “Silent” Drama-Documentary