Silver Blaze; Murder At The Baskervilles

720. SILVER BLAZE (Murder At The Baskervilles) (1941-ENGLAND) FROM the stories of SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE. With ARTHUR WONTNER, LYN HARDING, IAN FLEMING. Two years after solving the mystery of the “Hotrnd of the Baskervilles”, Sherlock Holmes returns to the Dartmoor countryside at the invitation of Sir Henry Baskerville. Professor Moriarity, the one-man crime-wave, has been hired to keep “Silver Blaze”, a sure winner for the Barchester cup race, from appearing at the race track. When “Silver Blaze” is stolen and his trainer murdered, Sherlock Holmes must use his horse sense to foil the evil Moriarity once again. 71 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense