Sinister Invasion

2575. SINISTER INVASION (The Incredible Invasion) (Invasion Siniestra) (1968-Mexico) COLOR. With BORIS KARLOFF. This eerily suspenseful story features one of the last performances of the consummate master of horror, Boris Karloff. Shot a few months before his demise, the combination chiller/sci-fi adventure shows what can happen when scientists on earth inadvertently communicate their deadliest top-secret experiments to strange forces on distant galaxies. The plot involves an elderly scientist named John Mayer (deftly played by Karloff), who is developing a radium-driven molecular ray that emits dangerous nuclear energy. The scientist’s assistant accidentally causes the power in the laboratory machinery to be magnified. Her error launches one of the missiles in which the energy has been contained. The missile travels far beyond the earth’s atmosphere to a distant life-supporting planet. Meanwhile, it is revealed that space aliens fear nuclear destruclron as much as earthlings. For this reason, an interplanetary messenger has been dispatched to annihilate Mayer and destroy his research. In order to carry out the mission, this alien takes control of the body of a Jack the Ripper-style sex murderer! Your spine will be tingling in terror as Mayer finds himself in a desperate battle to save himself and his life’s work. 85 minutes. Science Fiction Horror