Sky Pilot, The

Directed by KING VIDOR. In the 1920s Colleen Moore earned great popularity playing cheerful jazz-age heroines. Director King Vidor also established himself during the decade; he went on to become one of Hollywood’s most respected filmmakers. They joined together just before they each attained major stardom for this pleasing Western melodrama. Its title refers not to airplanes or aviators. The Sky Pilot is a young man of high ideals who arrives in the rough-and- tumble Northwest Canadian settlement of Swan Creek. The Pilot has a “firm intention to bring the Word of God to men in the far places.” He sure seems out of place in this setting, however. For one thing he prefers drinking water to whiskey. He is certain to have a rude reception upon attempting to transform Swan Creek’s saloon into a church so that he may hold a religious service. The only cowpoke in town who takes a liking to him is Bill Hendricks, the good- natured foreman of the Ashley Ranch. Several other characters play important roles as the scenario unfolds. One is the “Old Timer,” a bitter widower. Another is his daughter Gwen; this is Colleen Moore’s role. A third is “The Duke,” who heads a gang of vicious varmints and has a sinister scheme up his sleeve. Among the story’s highlights are a thrilling cattle stampede and a daring rescue from a burning building. David Butler (cast as Hendricks) was a stage actor who starred in a number of “silent” features before going on to become a successful film director. He debuted on screen in 1915 and directed his last movie in 1967! John Bowers (playing the title character) was a well-liked “silent” star whose career abruptly ended upon the advent of sound. He became an alcoholic and committed suicide by drowning when he was 36-years- old. “Silent” film with music score. 69 minutes. “Silent” Drama