2796. SKYWAY (1933-U5A). With RAY WALKER, KATHRYN CRAWFORD, CLAUDE GILLING- WATER, LUCIEN LITTLEFIELD, JED PROUTY, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES. Whether flying a miniature plane in an amusement park or zipping through the air for real, brash pilot, Robert “Flash” Norris seems to be a magnet for trouble. He is outwardly an affable fellow. However, he is constantly rubbing people the wrong way and getting into fights. Flash is employed by a company which offers airmail delivery service. “I spend half my time bailing him out of jail and getting him out of scrapes,” laments his flustered employer. “If I didn’t have a soft spot for the mug, he’d have been through here six months ago.” One day, Flash finds himseff in court, charged with “unprovoked assault.” Here is where he meets and tussles with spoiled rich girl Lila Beaumont, whose father is top dog at the Second National Bank. Lila has an affinity for speeding, and has been busted for doing 82 miles an hour in 20-mile zone. Meanwhile, Flash finally is fired by his boss and hired by a flying school. Coincidentally, Lila has decided to learn how to fly. Guess who becomes her teacher? “Lady, I like you,” Flash tells Lila just after she slaps him. So you know these two are destined to become a romantic item! Flash finds himself with yet another new job. This one is at ground level in Lila’s father’s bank. He soon ends up in a major jam with the law: a situation with far more serious implications than simply giving a guy a poke in the jaw. Ray Walker’s likable performance as Flash highlights this energetic and entertaining romantic drama. 69 minutes. Drama