Soap Sampler, A

388. A SOAP SAMPLER (1952-1955-USA). All CBS-TV. Five continuing daytime dramas.
1. PORTIA FACES LIFE (c.1955). With FRANCES REID, DONALD WOODS. BILL SHIPLEY announcing. Sponsored by Grape Nuts Flakes, Swans Down Flour, “The story of a not-too-perfect marriage.’ Portia tries to handle the Morgan Elliot case and run her household.
2. LOVE OF LIFE (January 16, 1953). With PEGGY McCAY, DENNIS PARNELL. DON HANCOCK announcing. Sponsored by Aerowax. Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, Anacin, Heet. “The exciting story of Vanessa Dale and her courageous struggle for human dignity.” Evans tells Meg to leave Vanessa and Max to their happiness. Second longest running soap.
3. THE GUIDING LIGHT (February 18. 195S). With SUSAN DOUGLAS, ELLING DEMMING, JAMES LIPTON, PAUL POTTER, LYLE SUDROW, PETER CAPELL, ED PRENTISS. Sponsored by Ivory Soap. Duz. Dr. Gram has disappeared after “going to pieces” in surgery.
4. THE SECRET STORM (March 8. 195S). With PETER HOBBS, HAILA STODDARD, BARBARA JOYCE, ELLEN COBB-HILL. Sponsored by BiSoDol, Anacin, Easy-Off. Wizard. Peter describes his past, especially that fateful masquerade ball.
5. SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (May 2. 1952). With MARY STUART, BESS JOHNSON, CLIFF HALL, LES DAMON. Sponsored by Spic and Span, Joy, Lava. TVs longest running soap opera, longest running daytime show. Mr. Baron replaces his son Keith wilh a new vice-president, Joann receives a scarlet A! 76 minules total. Television Soap-Operas