Sons Of Hercules In The Land Of Darkness, The

206. THE SONS OF HERCULES (in the) LAND OF DARKNESS (c.1955-Italy). With DAN VADIS. “Through the centuries in olden limes, there lived the sons of Hercules! Heroes supreme, they roamed the earthÑrighting wrongs, helping the weak and oppressed, and seeking adventure! They were the mightiest of mortal men. One of them was Atgolese: it is of his deeds we tell now, and of his struggle in the Land of Darkness.” Argolese performs some incredible tasks worthy of his legendary father. See the mighty son of Hercules defeat a savage lion in an epic wrestling match! See him slay the dreaded Dragon of the Mountain, a gigantic beast that has ravaged the countryÂside and terrorized the people! See our superhero break the chains that tie him to two powerful elephants, who are doing their best to tear him apart! And see him rescue the lovely princess and her noble father from bondage in the Land of Darkness, whose barbaric inhabitants believe that strength is derived from eating the flesh of strong men, and beauty from drinking the blood of fair maidens! YouÕll have to perform one Herculean feat of your own: namely, keeping yourÂself from falling onto the floor with laughter at the absurdities in this spear-and-sandal adventure. This film might make you nostalgic for Steve Reeves, but it has its share of excitement and fun. Dubbed into English. 74 minutes. Sword and Sandal