Speed Demon, The

1636. THE SPEED DEMON (1925-usA). With kenneth mcdonald, peggy Montgomery, BARNEY OLDHELD. A friendly mixture of racing cars, galloping horses and Southern hospitality add charm to this drama, which is set amid the Blue Grass of Kentucky. Old Mr. Warren, a friendly but gullible Kentucky Colonel, is a sucker for horses and horse lovers. He’s taken in by slimy Joe Blake, a New York confidence man with an eye for the ponies and a lust for the quick dollar, whose aim is to sucker the colonel out of his prized filly, Kentucky Darling. There’s a heroine: the colonel’s daughter, Enid, a shining example of Southern womanhood. Of course, there’s a hero: Speed Sherman, a racecar champion with a winning smile and upbeat disposition, who’s passing through town on the way to a race. Speed becomes smitten with the lovely Miss Warren, and decides to stick around, woo her, and take on the con man and his gang. The film is noteworthy for the cameo appearance of Barney Oldfield, the real- life Indianapolis Speedway champion, who was the first to drive a mile in a minute and who appeared in a number of silent films. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 79 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama