Speed Limited

2406. SPEED LIMITED (1935-USA). With RALPH CRAVES, EVELYN BRENT, CLAUDIA DELL. Sparks fly throughout this fast-paced crime drama whose scenario involves G-men and blazing guns, a gangster’s moff and murder. The hero is intrepid government agent Jerry Pafey (handsome Ralph Graves, who also wrote the story and screenplay). Pafey finds himself on assignment in Las Vegas. Upon arriving there he meets Marjorie, an heiress who has come to Nevada to obtain a divorce. There is an instant chemical reaction between the two, only Jerry is unaware of her identity. Trouble comes in the person of Natalie, a duplicitous and tough-as-nails gang moll who also crosses Marjorie’s path. Marjorie seems unconcerned by the fact that spending any amount of time with the moll is keeping the most dangerous kind of company. What Marjorie does not know is that she soon will be in great peril, as she finds herself more than deeply involved with some vicious and desperate hoodlums. By the way, the character of Marjorie is taken from real life. Her surname is Sulton, which rhymes with that of the person for whom she is modelled: the headline-making (and often-married) heiress Barbara Hutton. 50 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense