44. SPIES (1928’Germany). Directed by FRITZ LANG. “Spies and secret service agentsÑdeadly enemies in peace as well as in wartime-made the city the field of great post-war battles. Government secrets-informationÑwas the thing for which they fought – ruthlessly… murderously!” This is truly the granddaddy of all espionage adventure movies, with almost every ingredient found in the James Bond thrillers of more than 30 years later: ingenious strategies, disguises and plot twists; blackmail, murder and revenge; sabotage, secret codes and hidden microphones; beautiful female spies, seducing and deceiving their way to vital plans; exciting chases and explosive violence; behind it all a brilliant, wicked, seemingly invincible master spy, firmly in control of a powerful espionage network, operating out of a secret headÂquarters, and slopping at nothing in his quest for world domination! Controlling everything is the powerful direction of Fritz Lang (ÒM”, “Metropolis”), master of light and shadow, unusual expressionistic effects, haunting dream images, and superb action montages-adding up to an exciting world of suspicion, paranoia and terror. A chilling reflection of the nightmarish atmosphere of pre-Hiller Germany, and a memorable, edge-of-the-seat suspense melodrama! Will secret agent Donald Tremaine escape the clutches of the gorgeous spy Sonia? What deadly secrets are possessed by the mysterious Haghi, respected bank director and financial genius? And exactly who is the deceptively innocent music-hall clown Nemo? After more than a half-century, this move is as inventive, as engrossing, and as enjoyable as anything produced today. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 130 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama