Spooks Run Wild

474. SPOOKS RUN WILD (1941-usa). WITH bela lugosi, the east side kids (leo gorcey, huntz hall, bobby jordan, sunshine sammy morrison, david gorcey, donald haines) dave o’brien. Co-scripted by carl foreman. An entertaining haunted house thriller-comedy featuring the inimitable East Side Kids (formerly the Dead End Kids, and later dubbed the Bowery Boys), who get to tangle with one Of the movies’ masters Of horror, Bela Lugosi. When the East Side Kids are sent to camp to reform, they come upon Lugosi acting his sinister best in a haunted house. Lugosi plays Nardo, a mysterious tuxedo-dad monster who comes complete with a dwarf assistant- and who, it seems, has just killed three people. Nardo takes over an estate that has been vacant for a decade, since its owner was murdered. One Of the Kids is shot in the leg while the boys are out one night gallivanting through a graveyard. They take their wounded pal to the mansion, where they must contend with a series Of secret panels, trap doors and darkened halls as they battle Nardo to the bitter end. The film is also Of interest for the appearance Of Sunshine Sammy Morrison, a black Kid who gets to utter such lines as “I’m so scared, I’m turning white now.” As a five-year-old, Morrison was already starring in Hal Roach silent comedies. He later appeared in vaudeville as a comedian-dancer-singer, lead a dance band – and was cast in several other East Side Kid features. Another noteworthy credit is Carl Foreman, who was to go on to become an Academy Award- winning screenwriter. 64 minutes. Comedy