Spotlight Scandals; Spotlight On Scandal

2827. SPOTLIGHT SCANDALS (Spotlight On Scandal) (1943-USA). With BILLY GILBERT, FRANK FAY, HARRY LANGDON, BETTY BLYTHE, HENRY KING and HIS ORCHESTRA, “WEE” BONNIE BAKER. Billy Gilbert is the rotund comic actor fabled for his hilarious sneezing routines. Frank Fay is a charming Irishman who created some classic roles on the Broadway stage and occasionally appeared in films. These two talented performers unite in this diverting comedy-with-music. Fay plays a character named Frank Fay, a deceptively easygoing stage actor who lately has been unemployed and unable to pay his hotel bill. Gilbert is cast as a genial, but none-too-bright barber named Billy Gilbert. One day Frank visits Billy’s barbershop and requests “the works.” Frank thus owes Billy $1.60, and promptly hustles the money out of him-and then some. Billy may be a successful barber, but he always has had theatrical aspirations. Frank offers Billy the sage advice that showbusiness is a tough business. Notwithstanding, Frank soon changes his tune when Billy casually mentions that he has plenty of money saved. Dollar signs flash across Frank’s eyes and soon he and Billy are on their way to New York where they hook up as a vaudeville comedy team. Despite their initial success, plenty of surprises are still in store for them. The scripl is loaded with clever puns and one-liners, pleasing musical interludes and nifty comedy routines. “Wee” Bonnie Baker gets to sing “Oh, Johnny,” the song that made her famous. The supporting cast is peppered with several veterans of the silent screen, in particular Harry Langdon (the fabled wide-eyed comedian) and Betty Blythe (a popular star of the early and mid 1920s). 71 minutes. Musical Comedy