Springtime In The Rockies

3058. SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES (1937-USA). With GENE AUTRY, SMILEY BURNETTE. Galloping horses, blazing six-guns and singing cowboy Gene Autry’s agreeable presence blend seamlessly in this entertaining western- with-music. At the outset, word quickly passes through the valley that one of the ranchers who lives there has bought a herd of sheep. This infuriates the area’s cattle ranchers because cattle and sheep mix like water and oil. Ever-peaceful Gene, foreman of the Knight Ranch, attempts to mediate between an angry cattleman named Morgan and Jed Thorpe, the rancher who has the sheep. Sandra Knight, Gene’s boss, has been away at college studying animal husbandry. She and a trio of her classmates come home to apply their new-found knowledge to running her ranch. Apparently Sandra and her pals have not been taught about the ill effects of mixing sheep and cattle. No sooner do they arrive on the scene than Sandra is hoodwinked into purchasing the sheep by Thorpe’s partner, a conniving land-grabber named Briggs. Gene warns Sandra about the sheep, but she refuses to listen. So Gene must try to manipulate his boss and hide the presence of the sheep in order to maintain peace in the valley. Along the way he finds himself accused not only of sheep-herding but attempted murder! 56 minutes. Western