Stan And Ollie Before They Were Laurel And Hardy Vol. II

1. THE FALL GUY (1921-USA). With LARRY SEMON, OLIVER HARDY. A car may not be as reliable a mode of transportation as a horse! For one thing, a faulty auto prevents a western sheriff from nabbing a thief named Gentleman Joe (also known as Black Bart and played by a walrus-mustached Oliver Hardy), Rail-thin comedian Larry Semon plays a nerd who has all sorts of difficulties as he tries to maneuver his own car, which at one point seems to take on a personality all its own! The outrageous stunts are Lypical of Larry Semon comedies.
2. THE HOBO (1918-USA). With BILLY WEST, OLIVER HARDY. Ollie plays a fat man who cannot get his fill of food at a lunch counter. Billy West was one of several silent-era comics who built a career around imitating Charlie Chaplin. He plays a hobo who attracts fatso’s sweetheart, leading to events that only happen in “silent” comedies.
3. EVE’S LOVE LETTERS (1927-USA). With STAN LAUREL. Stan plays a none-too-bright butler in this cute comic concoction. He is supposed to be so thick-headed that “every lime he takes off his hat, the woodpeckers chase him!” The story is about his husband-and-wife employers and what happens when a mystery man attempts to blackmail the wife with some love letters she had written before her marriage to “Sir Oliver Hardy.” What makes this film of major significance to the careers of Laurel and Hardy is that Hardy’s name is used in the story but he does not appear on screen!
“Silent” films with music score. 60 minutes total. “Silent” Comedies