Star Packer, The

1075. THE STAR PACKER (1934-usa). With John Wayne, Yakima Canutt, George “Gabby” Hayes. Little Rock is a town where law and order are only fond memories. The stagecoach has been robbed repeatedly, the townspeople are afraid to walk down the street in broad daylight, and a string of sheriffs have been gunned down within moments of taking office, into this hell town rides Tom Powers (John Wayne) and his Indian sidekick Yak (Yakima Canutt). Powers accepts the job of sheriff and vows to rid Little Rock of its bandits who are guided by a mysterious ringleader called ÒThe Shadow.Ó ÒThe Shadow” speaks to his band of outlaws through a phony wall safe in the local saloon. In his search for “those hombres who held up the stage,” Tom encounters pretty Anita… and this is one cowboy who doesn’t spend his evenings serenading his horse! Tom and Yak zero in on a nest of notorious outlaws including such riffraff as “Loco Frank” who would slit a man’s throat for a dollar. There are wonderful horseback stunts as only Yakima Canutt could create and thrilling chases too. At one point, Wayne flings himself from a high-branched tree onto a moving stagecoach, and later he almost flies from one galloping horse to another to tackle a runaway outlaw. Written and directed by ROBERTN. BRADBURY (who happens to have been the father of Bob Steele), the STAR packer is an energetic and action-packed oater from the boom years of the B Western! 53 minutes. Western