Sting Of The Dragon Masters; When Tae Kwon Do Strikes

2943. STING OF THE DRAGON MASTERS (When Tae Kwon Do Strikes) (1973-Hong Kong) COLOR. With ANGELA MAO. This sensational martial arts epic is set in a time when Korea has been taken over by Japanese imperialists. It opens with a brutal government-sponsored Japanese street gang chasing a Korean rebel into a Catholic church. The Japanese show no respect for the sanctity of the church as they go about brutalizing its priest and parishioners. The Korean soon reappears. He and the priest’s niece, a novice martial artist, make short work of the thugs via some impressive Tae Kwon Do moves. However, you just know that the Japanese will return to cause more mayhem. It soon is revealed that the priest’s otherwise passive gardener really is the fabled Master Lee, “Korea’s famous hero” and the leader of an ever-growing underground rebellion against the Japanese. Sister Wong, a beautiful young Chinese woman who was brought up in Korea, is determined to see her adopted homeland freed from the shackles of the Japanese. All of these characters come together, resulting in physical fireworks and a grand time for lovers of martial arts movies. You’ll see why Angela Mao is known as “the female Bruce Lee!” Dubbed in English. 96 minutes. Martial Arts