Stormy Waters; Remorques

248. STORMY WATERS (REMORQUES) (1941-france). WITH jean cabin, michele morgan, MADELEINE RENAUU, FERNAND LeDOUX. Directed by JEAN GREMILLON. When it comes to poetic movies, no country quite matches France, especially during the 30s- “The Golden Age Of French Cinema.” This gem, a delicately filmed tale Of passion and adventure, stars the Incomparable Jean Gabin as the tough captain Of a rescue ship. His frail wife, upset about their long separations, urges him to quit his job and remain with her, but he cannot resist the lure Of the sea. During a fierce gale, he rescues a beautiful woman (Michele Morgan), and the two subsequently have an affair as tempestuous as the ‘stormy waters” on which they first met. Their romance is sharply interrupted by news Of his wife’s critical illness, leading to a poignant and exciting conclusion. In addition to the lyrical dialogue which comes through in this English language version, the film features a haunting musical score and one gorgeously photographed scene after another: the thrilling montages Of the ship’s rescue operations amidst howling winds, driving rains and dense fog; the lovers’ idyllic walk by the sea: their passionate embrace as yet another strom rages outside their room; the expressive faces Of Cabin and Morgan, two Of the greatest stats Of world cinema. The film was made in 1939, but the outbreak Of World War II delayed Ks release for two years. In any case, the drama it creates, and the emotions it evokes, are absolutely timeless. Dubbed in English. 75 minutes. Drama