Strangers Of The Evening; Hidden Corpse, The

2441. STRANGERS OF THE EVENING (The Hidden Corpse) (1932-USA). With ZASU PITTS, EUGENE PALLETTE, LUCIEN LITTLEFIELD, TULLY MARSHALL. What in heaven’s name is going on at the Chandler Undertaking Parlor? While a nervous undertaking assistant named Tommy minds the business, two bodies arrive. One is identified as Frank Daniels. He is a businessman who was mugged after arguing with Dr. Raymond Everette, the fiance of his daughter Ruth. Everette is a medical doctor who has his office inside the Chandler mortuary, where he performs mysterious experiments. To add to the confusion, the night the bodies show up, Dr. Everette along with Ruth and Tommy all disappear! The man who is designated to solve this challenging puzzle is Detective Brubacher (acted with great comic flair by Eugene Pallette). Two key questions must be answered: Who killed Frank Daniels? What happened to the missing trio? Among the top suspects is an oddball amnesiac who is discovered near the murder scene by a sweet and high-strung eccentric maiden lady. Who better to play this part than Zasu Pitts! The combined performances of a terrific cast of Hollywood’s premier character actors result in a winning recipe for laugh-out-loud fun as Detective Brubacher gropes toward a solution to this hilarious comedy-mystery, 66 minutes. Comedy-Mystery