Strangler Of The Tower

2596. STRANGLER OF THE TOWER (1966-Germany). This stark and shocking thriller is set in London and opens with an attractive woman taking a cab to a mysterious-looking building. Her name is Mrs. Wilkins, and she is promptly murdered. The deceased was a prominent member of London society. With her death, her beautiful young daughter Jane has inherited a fortune. One of Mrs. Wilkins’ most prized possessions was a rare emerald that she wore only on special occasions. She usually would put on a replica, which was what she was wearing on the night of her death. In an instant, several hooded men calling themselves the “brothers in the holy order of righteousness” appear on the scene and kidnap Jane Wilkins. They are determined to come into possession of the real emerald and several others like it, which are scattered throughout London. All have been cut from a holy stone that had been coveted by a goddess who is the object of worship by the “brothers.” This spine-tingling nail-biter also offers a provocative point of view: It is foolish to go about living your life in blissful ignorance of the world around you. Evil forces may be lurking in the midst and working to destroy what you consider to be the cornerstones of civilization. They must be stopped, before they succeed. Dubbed in English. 79 minutes Crime Mystery Suspense