294. SUSPENSE (April 28, 1953 and October 28, 1952-USA). CBS-TV. Two different programs-good examples of a popular radio series (which ran 20 years!) moving over to the new medium of live TV. Produced by MARTIN MANULIS, REX MARSHALL announcing.
1. F.O.B. VIENNA with WALTER MATTHAU and JAYNE MEADOWS. An American engineer is supervising a shipment of lathes to Austria and trying to keep them from the Commies. Jayne Meadows plays a mysterious “femme fatale.”
2. ALL HALLOWS EVE based on the story Markbeim by Robert Louis Stevenson. With FRANCHOT TONE, ROMNEY BRENT. A man kills his pawnbroker and is plagued by a guilty conscience. Excellent use of mirrors and camera angles on a limited set.
The Auto-Lite commercials on the first show begin with the famous marching spark plugs. Eerie organ music by HANK SYLVERN. Tales well calculated to keep you in…Suspense! 54 minutes total. Television-Drama