Swamp Diamonds; Swamp Women

2273. SWAMP DIAMONDS (Swamp Women) (1955-usa). Color. With Marie WINDSOR, BEVERLY GARLAND, TOUCH (MICHAEL) CONNORS. Directed by ROGER CORMAN. For three years, the New Orleans police department has been searching for $20,000 worth of stolen diamonds. The culprits are the notorious Nardo gang, the roughest and toughest female hoods since Bonnie Parker. The leader is Josie, a mean-spirited gal with a punch as hard and fast as that of any bullying male. Her partners in crime are sex-starved Billie and vicious Vera (who “always wants to kill”). While for the time being the Nardos are safely put away in stir, the gems never were recovered and the gang members are keeping mum on their whereabouts. Enter “New Orleans’ bravest policeÂwoman,” who goes undercover and infiltrates the Nardos. The quartet promptly breaks out of the slammer and heads for bayou country where the diamonds have been stashed. There they come upon hunky wildcat oilman Bob Mathews, who is cruising down the river with his “little bayou girlfriend.” What follows is a hot-and-heavy melodrama filled with hints of raw sexuality as the girls constantly get into catfights, swim in the nude and keep lustfully eyeing their unexpected male guest as they search for their booty, Colorful on-location filming in New Orleans (during Mardi Gras) and the Louisiana bayou add to the atmosphere. 70 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense