Swamp Fire

2673. SWAMP FIRE (1946-USA). With JOHNNY WEISSMUILER, VIRGINIA GREY, BUSTER CRABBE, CAROL THURSTON, DAVID JANSSEN. Johnny Weissmulfer and Buster Crabbe were Olympic swimming heroes who went on to win stardom on the silver screen. It is a treat to see them together in this colorfully atmospheric and entertaining melodrama. The setting is the delta country of Louisiana. Weismuller is cast as Johnny Duval, crackerjack river pilot who returns to his home in the de!ta. World War II has ended and Johnny has served his country as an officer in the Coast Guard. Unfortunately, he has been traumatized by his wartime experiences. He’s haunted by memories of an enemy torpedo speeding toward the ship he commanded and blowing it to smithereens. “I lost (a ship) and I lost a lot of men,” Johnny laments. “I have no confidence.” So Johnny is reluctant to take back his old job as river pilot. He is scared of ships, and frightened of responsibility. A trio of other characters play key roles in the story. The first is Toni Rousseau, the girl next door who has been eagerly awaiting Johnny’s return. Then, there is hot-tempered Mike Kalavich (amusingly played by Crabbe with a thick accent!), a trapper who is jealous of Johnny and who wishes to take Toni away from him. Add to the mix Janet Hilton, a slyly manipulative and wealthy city girl who comes to the delta and decides to make a play for Johnny. “He’s the only man I’ve ever wanted,” she declares, and she will do just about anything to have him. A catfight to end all catfights is but one of the film’s dramatic highlights! 68 minutes. Adventure