Sword And The Dragon, The

2351. THE SWORD AND THE DRAGON (1959-USSR). COLOR. Directed by ALEXANDER PTUSHKO. Ukraine-born filmmaker Ptushko was noted as an accomplished creator of celluloid fables designed especially for children. However, anyone between the ages of eight and 108 will relÂish this sweeping spectacular which depicts the courage of Ilya Morometz, a legendary Russian hero of the Middle Ages. Once upon a time, there was a happy and peaceful kingdom of golden lakes and rolling hills and fertile soil. A plundering tribe headed by the vicious Kalin has ravaged the land, pilÂlaging village after village and leaving only desolation and despair. Kalin is a warlord whose brutality is “unmatched in history.” Only one person can defy him: a brawny farmer and man of the people who is “stout of heart and brave of spirit,” and who is known as Ilya Morometz. With magic sword in hand Ilya sets off down “the road that leads to death” in his quest to topple Kalin. Two of the most terrifying obstacles he must overcome are a wind demon and a flying three-headed fire-dragon, Ilya also will come into contact with the “Little Falcon,” a fearless young warrior who was kidnapped from his village as a child and raised by Kalin to be Ilya’s enemy. Little does Ilya know that “The Falcon” is none other than his very own son! This exceptional film is crammed with epic battle scenes and special effects that are nothing short of magical. Dubbed in English. 83 minutes. Fantasy