2820. TANGO (1935-USA). With MARIAN NIXON, CHICK CHANDLER, MARIE PREVOST, FRANKLYN PANGBORN. The Great Depression just won’t go away for Treasure McGuire. She is desperate for a job and has been traipsing from office to office and employment agency to employment agency without success. By profession she is a secretary, but she is willing to do just about anything-even scrub floors. Treasure is brushed off yet again, this time by the receptionist in an advertising agency. Our plucky young heroine has had enough! She sneaks past the reception area and comes upon a pair of jingle writers struggling to compose a ditty for a radio show. One of them is Oliver Huston, and he cannot help but notice that Treasure is indeed a treasure in the looks department. He also has a brainstorm. His agency currendy is shooting photos for a “tango campaign” that will be the cornerstone of an effort to market hosiery, Oliver introduces Treasure to the photographer, who is taken by her beauty. So before you can say “super model,” Treasure finds herself starting a career as “The Tango Girl.” Treasure mixes with two brothers who are as different as oil and water. The first is Foster Carver, one of her bosses. He is a suave leech who first insists that she “work late.” When she is unwilling to submit to his advances, he does all in his power to wreck her life. Then there is his brother Tony, who is more of a gentleman than Foster-and then some! The ever-reliable Oliver proves to be a “wonderful friend” to Treasure. If you guess that he has fallen in love with her, you’ve guessed right! All of these characters come together, resulting in a lively and fast-paced romantic drama. 70 minutes. Drama