Tarzan And The Trappers

50. TARZAN AND THE TRAPPERS (1958-usa). WITH gordon scott, eve brent, Sherman (SCATMAN) CROTHERS and CHETA. Exciting adventure, set in the wildest, most treacherous regions Of dark Africa. This time it’s Gordon Scott as Tarzan, the mighty apeman and Lord Of the Jungle, who “befriends the weak, helps the distressed, and enforces the jungle’s primitive code Of justice, in this vast land where there is no other law.” When greedy trappers invade Tarzan’s territory, brutally hunting down animals for zoos, the legendary hero swings (literally) into action. After he frees his animal friendsÑincluding Cheta, his irrepressibly cute chimpÑhe himself becomes big game, viciously tracked down by an evil hunter. Tarzan cleverly eludes his would-be captors, and at the same time tries to save the noble chief Tyana (Scalman Crothers) from the clutches Of some nefarious types who hope to plunder the fabled Lost City Of Gold. Thrilling footage Of danÂgerous animals, fierce fighting, native rituals, and scantily clad Jane. Fun for all members Of the family! 71 minutes. Drama-Adventure