Teenage Bad Girl; My Teenage Daughter; Bad Girl

2160. TEENAGE BAD GIRL (My Teenage Daughter) (Bad Girl) (1956-Engiand). With ANNA NEAGLE, SYLVIA SYMS. Directed by HERBERT WILCOX. The beloved British movie star Anna Neagle and her husband and favorite director Herbert Wilcox teamed up to create many a memorable romantic and historical drama. This is a most unusual and fascinating project for the pair. Neagle stars as Valerie Carr, a war widow who deeply loves her daughter Jan and has done her best to raise her properly. Jan is basically a nice kid, but she is seventeen and anxious; she is no longer a child and not quite a woman. Jan yearns to experience the freedom of adulthood. Of course she feels that she is treated as a child whenever her mother places restrictions on her. However, what Jan is too naive to know is that along with freedom comes responsibility. Jan is pursued by a slick older man who calls himself Tony Ward Black. Tony is a liar and a cad. He introduces Jan to “jive club” nightlife and she soon begins hanging out with a bad crowd. Jan is too innocent in the ways of love and too stubborn to heed Valerie’s or any one else’s warnings about Tony. The result is an absorbing and heartfelt contemporary story of teen angst and alienation, and mother-daughter conflict. 100 minutes. Teen-Age Drama