Teenage Zombies

172. TEENAGE ZOMBIES (1957-usa). Teenage werewolf and teenage Frankenstein-move over. Here come the teenage zombies! No, these aren’t kids who’ve played too many video games. They’re innocent victims of a mad scientist (a sinister spider-lady type) and her zombie henchmen, who are working for a fiendish enemy government, developing a formula that will turn the entire U.S. populaÂtion into a civilization of walking dead. When the teenagers first stumble upon the wicked woman’s secret island headquarters, one of them asks (rather impolitely), “What kind of a creep joint is this?” He and his friends soon find out, as they’re locked up and subjected to experiments that will turn them into prototypes of the new zombie race. Will our heroes and heroines break out in time to save the U.S. from horrible enslavement? Made on a half-shoestring budget (and looking it), this is an enjoyably silly addition to the teenage monster movie craze of the 50s! 71 minutes. Camp-Horror