Terror Beneath The Sea

2515. TERROR BENEATH THE SEA (Water Cyborgs) (1966-Japan) COLOR. With SHIN-ICHI (SONNY) CHIBA. As this imaginative sci-fi horror film unfolds, reporters watching the U.S. Navy’s torpedo tests are shocked at the sight of a man in close vicinity of a target. The Navy bigwigs refuse to investigate this incredible incident, but two curious reporters named Ken and Jenny do some detective work on their own. They dive near an atomic waste dump where the test took place. There, Jenny is chased by a gigantic half-human, half-fish monster with a hideous face and scaly skin. She snaps a picture of the monster before escaping. Still, the Navy refuses to believe there is a problem worth noting. Ken and Jenny return to the underwater site and meet an army of these grisly monsters. They soon find themselves in a futuristic undersea city 3,000 feet beneath the surface, where they are captives of a brilliant but mad doctor. There, they witness the transformation of a human being into one of the mind-controlled monsters that the doctor calls “water cyborgs.” Their captor then offers them two choices. They can join the evil doctor’s professional staff or go through the transformation process to become water cyborgs. Which will they choose? Find out as you thrill to this fascinating and frightening forecast of the future! Dubbed in English. 71 minutes. Science Fiction