Terror Of Rome Against The Son Of Hercules, The

2962. THE TERROR OF ROME AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES (Maciste) (1964-ltaly-France) COLOR. With MARK FOREST. This entertaining saga of ancient Rome portrays the Emperor Caesar as a gluttonous boor who is amused as gladiators fight to the death in his arena. The four winners of his latest series of bouts will be rewarded with 1000 pieces of gold and two acres of land. However, they first must perform one final task. They must collectively fight Maciste of Sparta, chief gladiator of the Roman Empire who is as invincible in the arena as he is on the battlefield. In a flourish Maciste defeats the gladiators and is rewarded with an evening of food and drink in the company of Caesar. Upon leaving the emperor’s palace, Maciste battles two soldiers who are harassing a beautiful young woman named Sylvia. In an instant he falls in love with this fetching creature, despite the fact that she is a Christian-and Christians are considered enemies of the Roman state. After befriending Sylvia and her family, Maciste becomes a Christian. He goes on to take up the Christian cause and incurs the wrath of the Roman Empire. There are some nicely-staged action sequences. Among the most exciting; A blindfolded Maciste battles a rival from Caesar’s inner circle; Maciste goes one-on-one in the arena against a gorilla; and he pits his strength against a trio of powerful white horses. Dubbed in English. l00 minutes. Sword and Sandal