Terror Of The Blood Hunters

2750. TERROR OF THE BLOODHUNTERS (1962-USA). With ROBERT CLARKE. This taut adventure chiller is set on an island off the coast of South America. Its real name is St. Laurent. However, it is more commonly known as Devil’s Island. On this isle is a prison whose commandant is a strict disciplinarian and whose captain-of-the-guards is a brutal hot-head. It is for good reason that all new prisoners can think about is escaping to freedom. Notwithstanding, anyone who has tried has failed. This is because a dense and dangerous jungle surrounds the prison. Yet its natural perils are like kindergarten when compared to the bloodthirsty natives who inhabit the wild. These tribesmen are members of a primitive clan whose scantily-clad young females erotically wiggle their tummies to a seductive drum beat. The latest new arrival to ponder escaping Devil’s Island is Steven Duval, a writer and artist who has been unjustly imprisoned. The story is set into motion when the commandant orders Duval to paint a portrait of his sultry daughter Marlene. She has lived on the island since childhood and feels as trapped there as any convict. She submits to Duval a startling proposition, one which just might lead to their mutual liberation. “We can help each other,” she says. Meanwhile, Marlene is lusted after by the captain-of-the-guards. He declares that her discontent will disappear once they are married, at which point she will receive proper “discipline.” Late one evening, Duval is joined by Marlene and Dione, one of his cronies, as they attempt their escape. Even if they are able to elude the various guards, they certainly will have to contend with the title “bloodhunters” in their quest for freedom. 72 minutes. Adventure