Test, The

2171. THE TEST (1935-USA). WITH rin tin tin, jr., grant withers, monte blue, lafe Mekel. One of the most beloved of all 1920s silent film stars was a canine: Rin Tin Tin. The pooch passed on to that great dogpound in the sky in 1932. A replacement, suitably named Rin Tin Tin, Jr., continued where his predecessor left off. He does well for himself in this exciting drama of life and survival in the Great Northwest. The story concerns Brule Conway, a trapper who is preparing to set out for a long and hard winter’s worth of work. Brule’s girl is pert Beth McVey, daughter of a trading post proprietor. His rival is fellow trapper Pepite Lajoic (played with an amusingly broad French accent by veteran actor Monte Blue). In order to impress Beth, Lajoie is bent on trapping more furs than Brule. He is not even beneath having his henchmen pilfer Brule’s captured skins and presenting them as his own. Lajoie may brag that a skunk has more intelligence than Rinnie. Nevertheless, Rinnie performs an important role in recovering some of the stolen furs. Lajoie realizes the need to get Rinnie out of the way. How will he do so? How will he be thwarted by this very special canine? 55 minutes. Adventure