Test Tube Babies

2330. TEST TUBE BABIES (1948-USA). Here is another laugh-out-loud example of movie making so inept that it is unintentionally hilarious. It is the saga of George and Kathy, a young couple deeply in love. They get married and eventually decide to start a family. The only trouble is, Kathy cannot become pregnant. All of her friends are new mothers. “I do so want a baby,” she purrs. It soon is determined that her child can never be fathered by George, who is sterile. There is but one solution to Kathy’s dilemma: artificial insemination, in which “conception is achieved with an absolute assurance that a child so born is brought into the world free from all taint of heredity.” Back in 1948, this film was supposedly meant to educate viewers about this “Miracle Of Life.” Yet its real purpose was to titillate and arouse. Kathy is constantly garbed in all-too revealing outfits and even is seen in the buff as she “removes all her things” for a medical examination. Some strippers also make their way into the story. Don’t ask how! Indeed, one of the film’s high points is a knockdown drag-out battle royal between two of them. The classical music score on ihe soundtrack only adds to the fun. It is totally out of sync with anything unfolding on screen. This film is guaranteed to teach you all you ever could want to know about the wonders of modern science, just as you giggle yourself silly. 53 minutes. Exploitation