That Old Our Gang Of Mine

1812. THAT OLD “OUR GANG” Of MINE! (1924-1929-USA). ”0ur GangÓ (who were famously known to the TV generation as “The Little Rascals”) were a group Of extraordinary children who starred for producer HAL ROACH in scores Of short comedies beginning in 1922. For decades they have delighted audiences from the very young to the young-at-heart. Here is a pair Of Often sidesplittingly funny Rascals romps from the series’ earliest yearsÑ plus an added surprise.
1. PIRATES (BUCCANEERS) (1924-USA). With MICKEY DANIELS, MARY KORNMAN, ERNIE “SUNÂSHINE SAMMY” MORRISON, IACKIE CONDON, JOE COBB, ALLEN “FARINA” HOSKINS. The kids have commandeered a pirate ship. Mickey’s the captain, and he’s all-too-eager to order his “water rat” underlings to walk the plank. When it comes to christening the ship, there’s no champagne in sight, so a bottle Of tomato “catchup” will do. Wait till you see the fate that quickly befalls this hapless tubÑ and its pint-sized seamen as they eventually get to tangle with the U.S. Navy!
2. UNCLE TOM’S UNCLE (1926-USA). With JOE COBB, MICKEY DANIELS, MARY KORNMAN, ALLEN “FARINA” HOSKINS, JACKIE CONDON, JOHNNY DOWNS. This cute short opens with the following message: “‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ had been translated and played in 42 languages. The Gang decided to make it 43…” A crowd Of boisterous neighborhood kids has gathered in Mickey’s barn to witness this production, which you can bet will be plagued by one ill-timed mishap after another. This begins with the intrusion Of Joe’s tubby mom, who decides it’s time for the lad to clean up the yard Just as he’s about to take the stage in the title role. What makes this Rascals entry extra special is its nonÂstop prOfusion Of nifty sight gags and the kids’ various, precious facial expressions as they react to crisis, after crisis, after crisis, after crisis…
3. GINGER SNAPS (1929-USA). A BIG BOY Juvenile Comedy. Not an “Our Gang” comedy, but one Of their many imitators! The popularity Of “Our Gang” resulted in a prOfusion Of short films chronicling the comic plights Of other kiddies. The hero Of this charmer is a sweet little ragamuffin who’s penniless, and is attempting to sell a basket Of ginger snaps on a city street corner. He has little success in vignette after heart wrenching vignette, as he must contend with a most insensitive, greedy, heartlessÑ and imbecilicÑ gallery Of adults. However, you can bet that the spirit Of youth will be sure to prevail. “Silent” films with original music scores, correct projection speeds. 73 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedy