They Saved Hitler’s Brain

1221. THEY SAVED HITLER’S BRAIN (Madmen OF Mandoras) (1963-USA). With Audrey Caire, Walter Stocker, Carlos Rivas. This is one of the worst films ever made-but itÕs so bad that its riotously funny. The scenario, which is barely comprehensible, has something to do with a scientist who’s been kidnapped. His daughter is intent on finding him, and she traces him to the mysterious island of Mandoras. Here, a cult of Nazi worshippers resides, and they are ordered about by the severed head of Adolph Hitler! The film is made up of completely different source material, edited together: a grade B soaper filmed in the 1930s, and photographed by master cinematographer Stanley Cortez (who began his career as an associate of legendary still photographer Edward Steichen, and worked with directors from Julien Duvivier to Orson Welles); and some additional footage shot the following decade, utilizing a totally different cast. This film is truly unique-and hysterical-in its awfulness. 74 minutes. Horror