Things To Come

448. THINGS TO COME (1936-England). With RAYMOND MASSEY, RALPH RICHARDSON, SIR CEDRIC HARDWICKE. Written by H. G. WELLES. The most spectacular film predicting the future ever made. Predicting World War would begin in December 1940 (missing by only 15 months!) and continue until 1966 (which it might have without the undreamt of Nuclear Bomb). Civilization is destroyed and rebuilt gradually from barbarism. Exciting special effects and an imaginative story make for one of the most fasciÂnating science fiction films. Spellbinding conception as world unity is achieved despite continued discorÂdant voices. The film culminates in a lunar launch as man progresses into the cosmos. Absolutely mind-bendingly visionary. Highly recommended. Will stimulate a rarely used substance in young people…imagination. 92 minutes. Science Fiction