This Is Not A Test

2458. THIS IS NOT A TEST (1962-USA). It’s a dark and eerie night, and a state trooper is called to an emergency. His siren blares as he speeds in the direction of the trouble. He quickly sets up a roadblock on a mountain byway and commences stopping all vehicles passing into the area. The first car contains a wise and compassionate old man and his vulnerable granddaughter. In the next is a partygirl and her hipster boyfriend. They are followed by a truck whose drivers have picked up a young hitchhiker who is wanted for murder. Then comes a dysfunctional married couple on their way to catch a plane to Mexico City. All of these people are unaware that they are in for the most terrifying night of their lives. The cop receives word that a “yellow alert” is in effect. This only can mean one thing: America will momentarily be under nuclear attack. All major urban areas are to be evacuated and martial law is in effect. What’s more, it just may be that the spot where all of these characters have come together is ground zero! Are they all going lo die? Can they do anything to save themselves? As they interact, their personalities and agendas are revealed and the result is at once a provocative and pulse-pounding drama and an intriguing byproduct of the Cold War era. 72 minutes. Drama