This Is Your Life

1142. THIS IS YOUR LIFE (C. 1954-USA). NBC-TV. With RALPH EDWARDS – host, BOB WARREN announcing. Sponsored by Prell, Crest Toothpaste. This Is Your Life … MACK SENNET! The pioneer of silent comedies is surprised with old girlfriends, co-workers, and some of the many people he made movie stars … some of whom he hadn’t seen in over 50 years! Appearing (in costume!) are several of the original Keystone Cops… including VERNON DENT, ANDY CLYDE, CHESTER CONKLIN, and others. SALLY EILER, MINTA DURFEE, LOUISE FAZENDA, PHYLLIS HAVER and HAROLD LLOYD are just a few of the stars who drop by. (Watch Harold Lloyd carefully keep his right hand out of sight, because of losing several fingers during the filming of “Haunted Spooks,” see cat. #737). This warm-hearted, human and fascinating program is best summed up by FRANKLIN PANG BORN, who, when hugging Mack Sennett with tears in his eyes says, “Boss, I want to tell you that working with you will live in my heart forever!” Highly recommended. 28 minutes. Television