Three Musketeers, The

709. THE THREE MUSKETEERS (1933-USA). 12 Episode Mascot Serial. With JOHN WAYNE, JACK MULHALL, FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN JR., NOAH BEERY JR., CREIGHTON CHANEY. These Musketeers are not the swordsmen of old France, but the 3 Foreign Legionaires of “modern” times (from Brooklyn!) who are saved from a desert ambush by a different kind of “D’Artagnan” – John Wayne and his bi-plane! The Legion is fighting “El Shaitan,” the faceless leader of “The Devil’s Circle”. Wayne is framed for murder by El Shaitan, who would like him out of the way so he can conÂquer the Legion. Fine serial adventure in the primitive Sahara with a primitive soundtrack. 216 minutes. Serial