Three Stooges: Live On TV, The

1. THE THREE STOOGES (1949-USA). A pilot or local-live TV program, as nutty as only The Three Stooges could make itl The boys are interior decorators, papering and painting their customer’s house into utter chaos! CAUTION: the pictorial quality of this kinescope is probably the worst you’ve ever seen! Normally, we wouldn’t consider issuing anything with such poor source material, but the chance to see The Stooges run riot on live TV is so rare, so unusual, we want you to judge for yourself. SECOND WARNING: the picture is watchable, but just barely! Nyuk!, Nyuk!, Nyuk!
2. CANDID CAMERA (1953-USA). NBC-TV net origination. With Allen Funt An “all-star, all- request” edition of the “all-time” favorites. A hat with eggs, shoplifting in front of an honest Englishmen, eating the flowers, and the famous talking mailbox. 47 minules total. Live Television Comedy