Three Stops To Murder; Blood Orange

1923. THREE STOPS TO MURDER (Blood Orange) (1953-ENGLAND). WITH TOM CONWAY. This moody, intricately plotted murder yarn opens with a daring, clandestine jewel robbery. The pilfered baubles were on loan to a prestigious London fashion house, and a representative of their owner arrives on the scene to investigate. He is a private detective and former FBI agent named Tom Conway (and, appropriately, he is played by the dashing actor of the same name, the brother of George Sanders, who a decade earlier had been cast in similar roles in Hollywood mysteries and dramas). Conway commences asking questions, snooping around and compiling a list of suspects (which begins with his employer, who seems none too anxious to retrieve the stolen properly). For this reason, Conway is way too occupied to prevent the “accidental” death of a beautiful model who has just finished modeling a stunning, blood orange-colored dress in a fashion show. Other killings follow, and various other suspicious, and not-so-suspicious characters arc introduced into if scenario. Before unmasking the culprits, Conway will find himself up against no small assortment of mayhem, action and intrigue. 74 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense