Three Strange Loves; Thirst

2527. THREE STRANGE LOVES (Thirst) (1949-Sweden). With EVA HENNING, BIRGER MALMSTEN. Directed by INGMAR BERGMAN. This classic early Bergman allegory is a must-see for anyone who cherishes the art of cinema. It is a deeply involving and remarkably perceptive drama in which Bergman examines the dynamics of a troubled marriage, a theme which was to appear frequently in his many films. Bertil and Rut (superbly played by Birger Malmsten and Eva Henning) are the couple in question. They are traveling on a train through a shattered post-war Germany, which serves as a symbol of the state of their relationship. Past involvements are revealed in dream-like flashbacks, including Rut’s liaison with a married ship captain and Bertil’s brief earlier marriage to Viola. A coinciding story relates the plight of Viola as she attempts to deal with her loneliness. The question facing Bertil and Rut soon becomes clear: Should they remain a couple or are they better off separating and facing their futures on their own? This highly personal drama deals in a refreshingly straightforward manner with universally human emotions and feelings. After seeing it, you will know why Ingmar Bergman is considered to be one of the world cinema’s outstanding directors. Bergman even pulls an Alfred Hitchcock here, appearing ever so briefly on screen as a train passenger. In Swedish with English subtitles. 84 minutes. Drama