Three Weird Sisters, The

2153. THE THREE WEIRD SISTERS (1947-England). Co-scripted by Dylan Thomas. If you were to pass the title characters on the street, you would think that they were pleasant and innocent. They are three elderly women named Gertrude, Isabel and Maude. One is deaf, which signifies that she hears no evil. Another is blind, so she certainly must see no evil. However, this trio is something else altogether. They are the eldest living members Of “a very old and proud family” which for decades has owned a mine which is the centerpiece in the economy Of the rural Welsh village in which they live. A recent cave-in has resulted in the destruction Of several homes and the sisters feel it is their responsibility to rebuild these homes. However, the mine has not lately been prOfitable and they are cash-poor. They call upon their younger brother Owen to help them out. Owen is the famÂily’s businessman and breadwinner. He has no intention Of giving his siblings the money, but nonetheless arrives in town with his secretary to check up on them. This is the lead-in for what is at once an eerie old dark house-type chiller and a biting drama about the excesses Of the upper class; the latter is not surprising given the concerns Of the famed Welsh writer Dylan Thomas, who co- authored the script, The sisters will do whatever they deem necessary to separate Owen from his money, even if it means resorting to murder! Watch for the Academy Award-winning actor Hugh Griffith, in a supporting role as a cynically politicized villager. 63 minutes. Drama