Thunder Trail

2642. THUNDER TRAIL (1937-USA). With GILBERT ROLAND, CHARLES BICKFORD, MARSHA HUNT, J. CARROL NAISH, JAMES CRAIG, MONTE BLUE. Here is a thrilling true-to-life tale of man’s greed for gold. The intriguing story originated from the pen of the master novelist of the old West, ZANE GREY. As the action opens, John Ames and his sons, Dick and Bob are returning home from the California gold rush with their wagons filled with valuable ore. Suddenly, they are attacked by crooks. The father is murdered, but the sons survive. Bob is adopted by Lee Tate, a treacherous varmint who really is one of the killers. Dick eventually finds a surrogate “papacito” in a kindly Mexican prospector (played with flare by J. Carrol Naish). Years pass before the paths of the two brothers cross once again. Tate is as villainous as ever, but he has Bob fooled into thinking he is an honest miner. Tate currently is involved in a plot to steal a gold mine from the Morgan family. If Bob truly were aware of his adopted father’s intent, he would be furious, because Amy Morgan is his sweetheart. Dick, now known as “Arizona Lopez,” comes onto the scene just as Tate’s men shoot off rifles to cause Morgan’s horses to stampede. What ensues is a thrilling, high-velocity adventure. The stunts are well conceived and expertly executed. The location shooting in Big Bear, California, by top Hollywood cameraman KARL STRAUSS is outstanding. As a spine-tingling melodrama and quality production, this Western provides first-rate entertainment. 53 minutes. Western