Ticket To Paradise

2243. TICKET TO PARADISE (1936-USA). With ROGER PRYOR, WENDY BARRIE, LUIS ALBERNI. A pleasant young man in a hurry to catch a train offers a taxi driver $100 if he reaches the station on time. The cabbie races through the crowded streets until his car collides with a truck. As a result of the accident, the passenger loses his memory. Soon “Jack Doe” finds himself wandering the streets of New York with no idea of his identity. Furthermore, he is mystified by the fact that $10,000 in cash happens to be in his pants pocket. The police cannot help him, and a hyperactive psychiatrist (played with comical flair by Luis Alberni) simply adds to the confusion. “Jack” meets a beautiful heiress named Jane Forbes and in her finds the girl of his dreams. There’s one slight problem, however. How can they be married if he doesn’t know his true identity? Even though Jane’s father takes the young romeo, he gives him just three weeks either to find out who he is or walk out of their lives forever. What follows in this winningly cheerful romantic comedy is Jane and “Jack’s” steadfast quest to solve the mystery of his identity, and discover the secret of the $10,000. 62 minutes. Comedy