Tillie’s Punctured Romance

75. TILLIE’S PUNCTURED ROMANCE (1914-usa). With Charlie chaplin, marie DRESSLER, MABEL NORMAND, MACK SWAIN, CHARLES BENNETT, CHESTER CONKLIN, AL ST JOHN. Directed by MACK SENNETT. An early CHAPLIN feature for Keystone about an innocent (if somewhat gigantic) farm girl led astray in the big city by rouŽ Charlie. Marie Dressler’s comic ability almost equals Charlie’s; look for the predictable Keystone Cops finale. Plus – one-reel Chaplin comedy “THOSE LOVE PANGS” (THE RIVAL MASHERS) – (1914-USA). Charlie bests his two competitors for the affection Of a fair maiden. Only Chaplin could make you laugh at a punch below the belt. Don’t miss the hectic conclusion inside an early movie theatre. Chaos reigns. “Silent* films with music score, correct projector speed. 103 minutes total. Chaplin