Tol’able David

872. TOI’ABLE DAVID (1921-USA). WITH richard bartkelmess, edmund gurney, marion ABBOTT, WARNER RICHMOND. Directed, produced and co-written by HENRY KING. Includes a hand-tinted sequence. A parable Of the David and Goliath story, told in the mountains Of Appalachia. Young David wants nothing more from life than to drive the mail wagon, as does his older brother Allen. The bucolic community Of Greenstream suddenly darkens with the arrival Of three thoroughly evil mountain men, bent on mischief. They kill David’s dog, cripple Allen for life and indirectly cause the death Of David’s father. When they attempt mail robbery as well, David is forced to make a stand and declare himself as a man. The film itself goes much deeper than the surface morality play. Pudovkin, the Soviet director and widely recognized authority on monÂtage and direction, declared the film “a perfect example Of the artistic use Of the plastic materials Of the cinÂema”. TranslationÑthe editing is superb. King intercuts concurrent story lines to bring the audience along several plot sequences at the same lime to a simultaneous conclusion. The result can be breathtaking. King’s loving recreation Of 19th century America is authentic and nostalgicÑthis is the story Of “the barefoot boy with cheeks Of tan”. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 120 minutes. ‘Silent’ Drama