Tom And Jerry Cartoons: The Long And Short Of It

2659. TOM and JERRY CARTOONS: THE LONG and SHORT OF IT (1931Ñ1932-USA).The adventures of the animated stars of the Van Beuren Studios. Two low-key cartoon gents that things just happen to. Listen for excellent use of sound effects and music, great sight gags.
1. WOT A NIGHT (1931-USA). With TOM and JERRY. It’s so cold and rainy that even a car is sneezing and a train must paddle its way down the tracks! You’re just as likely to find frogs riding in taxis a passengers. So begins this visually inventive cartoon romp in which cabdrivers Tom and Jerry finally get out of the rain, only to find themselves trapped in a spooky haunted house. The first Tom and Jerry cartoon.
2. TROUBLE (1931-USA). With TOM and JERRY. The boys are back as lawyers who specialize in “accident cases.” “We haven’t had a case in a month,” laments Tom. Jerry cheers him up by reminding him that “accidents are bound to happen.” The only question is, just who will end up as accident victims?
3. JUNGLE JAM (1931-USA). With TOM and JERRY. Happy-go-lucky Tom and Jerry are spending the day on a rowboat, where they manage to transform an alligator into a musical instrument! The mood is bound to change when they reach land and find themselves the prey of some spear-throwing natives. A great early sound cartoon!
4. A SWISS TRICK (1931-USA). With TOM and JERRY. Our heroes are travelling up and down the Alps. They soon find themselves stranded and hungry, mixing with a humorously strange group of wild animals and weird locals.
5. ROCKETEERS (1932-USA). With TOM and JERRY. The boys are being feted by the Royal Experimental Society for inventing a rocket, which they plan to blast off to the moonÑwith them inside! However, Tom and Jerry’s ultimate destination proves to be quite different from the lunar surface. Surrealistic!
6. RABID HUNTERS (1932-USA). With TOM and JERRY. It’s the break of dawn, and Tom and Jerry rise and shine and set out on a rabbit-hunting expedition. The hare they chase proves a most elusive prey.
7. IN THE BAG (1932-USA). With TOM and JERRY. Here, Tom and Jerry fly an airplane that resembles an overgrown egg. Finding themselves way out West, they end up tangling with a desperate hombre who has a $1,000 reward on his head. 8. POTS and PANS (1932-USA). With TOM and JERRY. The boys are owners of a diner where they merrily go about the business of preparing food and serving customers. In this eatery, even the coffee pots and hot dogs sing and dance! 57 minutes total. Cartoons