Tomorrow’s Children

176.”SILENT”MOVIES…IN COLOR! (1904 to1914-France). COLOR. These films are truly color, shot years before the first “Technicolor” “additive process” release in 1922. The tints were added by hand by artists painting each individual frame, a laborious process at best. The hues are subtle but these movies are definitely colored. All were apparently produced by Pathe Freres in France, title cards are all in English
1. THE NOBLEMAN’S DOG (1912). “A dramatic play by M. ROMAINE COOLUS, acted Dick…the detective dog”. An attempt to bury his master alive is foiled by man’s best friend, w then proceeds to accuse the culprit and administer punishment!
2. BOB’S ELECTRIC THEATRE (1905). A puppet proscenium program in four acts. Fencing, bi ing. acrobatics and gymnastics.
3. A SLAVE OF LOVE (1914). Love is but a dream! An idyll of romance, ending in sweet death.
4. A NEW WAY OF TRAVELLING (1904). A clever trick-photography film about t Chinamen and a fat lady who explore the ocean depths in a barrel! Fine color and cinematic illusions in the style of Melies.
5. THE LIFE OF OU R SAVIOR (LA PASSION) (1914). Many vignettes and scenes from the I of Jesus. Joseph and Mary in Egypt, the Baptism of Christ. Jesus and the woman of Samaria, I miracle of the bread, Christ walks on the waters (an excellent double exposure sequence of slightly marred by what appears to be a boat on the horizon), Christ enters Jerusalem. Judas kisses Jesus, Calvary and the death of Christ, the Resurrection. Primitive? Yes, but these early efforts to tell a story with film would evolve into today’s art. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed, 64 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Films-Historical