Ton Of Fun, A

2837. A TON OF FUN (1925-1926-USA).
1. ALL TIED UP (1925). With “A TON OF FUN” (“FAT” KARR, “KEWPIE” ROSS, “FATTY” ALEXANDER), LOIS BOYD, GALE HENRY. Directed by GEORGE “SLIM” SUMMERVILLE. Everyone knows fat people are funny, so this comedy has got to be a riot! Matter of fact, it is! An elopement comedy with these rotund gentlemen each trying to get a fair lady out of the boarding house. The gags are as big as the stomachs. NOTE: This film also appears as Cat. #967.
2. TAILORING (1925-USA). With “A TON OF FUN” (“TINY” ALEXANDER, “FAT” KARR, “KEWPIE” MORGAN). The members of the Pumpernickel family are fat in both head and body. Enter Stumpy Lubber, a cheapskate who once fired a shot on Christmas Eve and told his children Santa Claus had committed suicide! Then, add to the mix a pretty girl with so many curves that she could strike out Babe Ruth. The resulting mayhem is both manic and mirthful.
3. THE HEAVY PARADE (1926-USA). With “A TON OF FUN.” The year is 1917 B.P. (Before Prohibition) and Americans are going off to fight in the war in Europe. Our three fat-boy heroes patriotically enlist in the Army. As you will see, they are to military life what Calvin Coolidge was to ice hockey! The Army sure must have been short-handed during World War I if it accepted these roly-poly dudes!
4. OLD TIN SIDES (1927-USA). With “A TON OF FUN.” Grumpy old Jim Syde is the owner of a grocery store. Why is he so crotchety? Well, if you ran a business and had as your employees three hilariously inept fat-butts who are mostly interested in flirting with your daughter, you too would be less than overjoyed.
5. THREE MISSING LINKS (1927-USA). With “A TON OF FUN.” The boys head off to the police academy to train to become lawman. After seeing a motorcycle cop giving a ticket to some pretty damsels, they decide that they would be more suited for traffic patrol. This madcap comedy ends with a motorcycle to end all motorcycles-and a motorcycle ride to end all motorcycle rides!
“Silent” films with music score. 78 minutes total. “Silent” Comedy